Where to install the monitoring cameras? 4 Essential Tips for Your Safety

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You have decided to install a monitoring camera system in your home or business. After all, it is necessary to have modern equipment, with advanced technology to ensure more tranquility in your routine. However, for more intelligence and precision that these items offer with CCTV Camera Installation, knowing what is the correct way to position each one of them makes all the difference. Do you know what the strategic points to insert electronic equipment are? In this article you will know how and where to place the monitoring cameras to obtain the best results from the security system and preserve your assets and also your integrity.

Check out each of the tips below

  1. Perform an analysis of the location

To start the project to install monitoring cameras in a location, it is essential to identify which are the situations that suggest a threat, of which the environment is exposed. This analysis, done in a technical way, will point out the points that deserve attention.

With this risk study, there will be an indication of the critical levels of each environment, in addition to identifying the most vulnerable areas. That way, you will define what your security priorities are. Based on that, an action plan is developed with the objective of solving these problems.

The points that most demand attention are usually the entrances, places with a large flow of people, access to funds and environments with valuables (such as safes, for example). But even so, a case study is necessary, because for each company or residence there is a different space to be monitored. For example: while a residence is more vulnerable in external environments and needs a greater number of cameras on the walls, another may have more risks on the inside, with garages and room entrances, suggesting the CCTV Camera Installation in Noida, as in windows and internal doors. For each situation, a specific analysis that takes into account characteristics such as the branch of activity and number of employees (when talking about a company), the type of plant, number of residents of the house, among other observations.

After identifying the points that deserve extra attention, the next step is to define the best locations for the installation of the monitoring cameras. This guarantees you complete coverage of the angles of the environment and more efficiency in the results.

  1. Pay attention to when the equipment will be installed

The height at which the cameras are positioned makes all the difference. This is because the higher the equipment is, the more accurate the resolution and lighting of the images must be. But if the cameras are at a height close to the ground, they will be exposed to acts of vandalism. Unfortunately, it can happen that the cameras are damaged by invaders during a risky event, such as in an assault, for example. Or even be removed before an occurrence is registered. The determination of the ideal height will depend on the purpose of the surveillance, the type of equipment and the area to be monitored. In general, the installation of the cameras should be done in a place that is difficult to access and that are a little more than 3 meters high from the floor.

  1. Place the security cameras correctly

Installations for indoor and outdoor areas require different resources. This is because the equipment that is outside should withstand adversity such as rain, strong heat, wind and others. It is possible to protect cameras under awnings and tiles, for example. The monitoring cameras indoors are less susceptible to climatic variations and deliberate damage, requiring less complexity. However, it is necessary to be aware of the variables as to the different internal locations.

Internal Areas

In the internal areas, the care with the positioning of the security cameras can be less, since the equipment is not exposed. In such cases, security cameras must be installed at specific points that require further monitoring. The risk of vandalism in the indoor areas may be less, but it is still possible that the CCTV Camera Installation are directed to another location or covered by an object.

Pay attention to the installation next to doors, windows overlooking the street that can capture images of invasion, and in corridors. In these places, the suggestion may be without cameras with vertical footage.


In the case of external cameras, it is recommended to place them in the opposite direction to the sun, as the sun’s rays can heat the equipment’s sensor. If necessary, it is possible to position the equipment in such a way that the solar energy reaches the side or at an indirect angle.

  1. Be careful with lighting

For everything to work effectively, lighting is the key point in the process of installing security cameras. Depending on the position the camera is in, sunlight can disturb the sharpness of the captured image. On the other hand, if the place is not lit, it is interesting to install lights close to the safety equipment.

Always look for a responsible CCTV Dealers in Noida that makes all the necessary angle and lighting adjustments to improve the quality of the images and preserve the equipment. In addition to the technical part, she will develop an agile action plan aimed at solving it. Knowing the points of attention of your property can contribute to your protection.

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Where to install the monitoring cameras? 4 Essential Tips for Your Safety

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