Know where to install the security camera in your store

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Installing the security camera is of great use to retailers . With this feature, it is possible to provide more security for your employees and customers, as well as offering protection for your valuables and cash.

In this sense, it is common to have doubts about the best positions to install the cameras. Therefore, in this post, we brought tips of the most suitable places for the equipment, as well as which points deserve attention in order not to violate any law. Want to increase the security of your business? So, keep reading and check it out!

What are the best locations?

There are places where you should insert a camera to increase the security of your store. Check out the best ones to avoid missing any important angle.

External part

The outside of the store is a key area to have more information about possible crimes committed or in suspected cases. That is, you will be better prepared to rule out cases of theft.

In order for the camera to be installed outdoors, you will need to make sure that all equipment is suitable for this. Thus, they need to be resistant to factors such as heat, rain, wind and other adversities. It is important to make sure that the cameras have the protection indexes IP65, IP66 or IP67, the most common on the market. You may need to purchase a waterproof, high-temperature protective case. Another possibility is to protect the material in the existing structure of tiles and awnings.

The installation must be carried out in a position against the sun so that the sensor does not suffer from overheating. If necessary, you can do the positioning at an indirect angle or in a location where the sun’s rays reach your camera laterally.

Finally, remember the distance from the cameras to the recorders, since the most common coaxial cables reach a maximum of 100 meters in length. Also make sure that the power supply is right for you and that it is close to the camera.

An interesting option is the infrared camera , a tubular model that has 4 megapixels. As the equipment is made of metal and with an IP666 seal, it is indicated for the external area, as it is resistant to sun, dust and rain. In addition, due to its infrared range of up to 50 meters and a 12mm lens for optical focus, it captures people and objects even in environments without light.

Store entrance

At the entrance of the store it is possible to have a broader view on the action of customers. With the installation of the camera, people who want to commit a crime will feel more threatened, which will decrease the chance of having such occurrences.

Although the positioning of the internal cameras is less complex than those of the external areas, since they do not have a sudden variation in temperature and vandalism, it is also necessary to pay attention to some points. To start, choose their height well, since someone may place an object to obstruct the capture of images or modify the pointing slightly.

It is common to install the cameras close to the doors, but it is important not to forget the windows with an external view. This internal positioning can capture images of a possible invasion if the external equipment has been damaged. Another possibility is to film the corridors with vertical video cameras.

Near the cashier

The camera next to the cashier is able to show details of possible thefts, in addition to making customers and employees feel more secure. In this way, the work environment will be calmer and your employees will be more happy to provide your services. After all, feeling insecure generates apprehension, which reduces the ability to concentrate and, consequently, production.

In such cases, it is interesting to research where customers normally enter and exit the queue to make payment. The installed devices must accompany the flow of people, ensuring total security .

Close to valuables

When the company has environments with valuables, such as a stock, safe, high-value products, installing a security camera is essential to increase the protection of the location and decrease the likelihood of theft. In these cases, having cameras with optical zoom is a solution.

This way, you will have more details about the approach of people in these sensitive places, even when the equipment is installed some distance from the place. So if a nearby camera is blocked, it will still have precious details.

What precautions to take?

According to the Abdul Rimaaz, the use of images without proper authorization is prohibited, and people who feel injured are entitled to compensation for moral or material damage. That way, the company can install security cameras, but it needs to inform individuals that they are being filmed. To do this, put up posters in the affected sectors and in the common areas so that employees and customers are informed of the filming.

Also, always use common sense. Do not position the device for just one employee, as he may feel discriminated against and claim moral damages. More than that, if the employee feels constantly repressed or watched, his production will be affected.

Where not to install the security camera?

In order not to violate the privacy of its employees, the security system cannot be installed in all locations: the cameras must not be used in cafeterias, bathrooms, dressing rooms and rest rooms. Think about it, in addition to not having much use in terms of security, you can still expose your employees, reducing their freedom during the work period. So, in order not to hurt the right to privacy, use common sense when installing your cameras.

Now that you know where to CCTV Camera Installer near Me, it’s time to plan the process, including determining which models to purchase. This way, you will avoid losing any essential angle in an emergency, ensuring safety for your customers and employees. And remember: having the help of a specialized company makes all the difference at this time.

You saw how security is a serious thing, right? Contact us and learn how we can help you make your store safer. We look forward to hearing from you!

Know where to install the security camera in your store

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